Enriching Nature Programme

 Enriching Nature Programme

In recent times, SITA Trust and all other Environmental Bodies operating in the Landfill Communities Fund have been challenged by Treasury to reduce the level of funds held, regardless of whether or not the funds are committed to projects.

SITA Trust has more than met the challenge in full, and in doing so, has been left with no reserves.

In the March 2014 budget, the Treasury decided to significantly reduce the proportion of landfill tax that can be passed to Environmental Bodies for distribution to community and biodiversity projects.

The combination of the lack of reserves and reduced income means that we are currently unable to announce a biodiversity fund for 2015/2016.

We will review the situation again immediately after the March 2015 budget when we are made aware of the diversion rate of landfill tax for that year.

SITA Trust has been a major supporter of biodiversity projects for many years and regrets that we are unable to commit new funds at this time.

For information on just some of the 652 biodiversity projects that have benefitted so far from SITA Trust funding of over £30 million you may enjoy reading our various annual and biodiversity reports or pay a visit to our project pages.

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