Enhancing Communities Programme

Enhancing Communities is the name of SITA Trust's funding programme for community improvement projects.

We support projects that make physical improvements to community leisure facilities and historic buildings / structures.

Not-for-profit organisations including community groups, parish councils, local authorities and charities can apply.

Full information on eligibility requirements can be found in the application guide for each fund, which can be downloaded from the links on this page.

We can support projects in any of 100 funding zones around qualifying sites owned by our donor, SITA UK.  Click below to see if your project site is in a SITA Trust funding zone.

Check to see if your project site is in a SITA Trust funding zone

The Enhancing Communities Programme offers two funds:

Core Fund

Grants of up to £60,000 are available to not-for-profit organisations whose community leisure amenity improvement project has an overall cost of no more than £250,000. Grants are available in 100 funding zones in England and Scotland.

There are 3 funding rounds each calendar year for the Core Fund.

Forthcoming dates are: 

 5pm on 21st July 2014    21st November 2014
 5pm on 24th November 2014    27th March 2015
 5pm on 23rd March 2015    17th July 2015
 5pm on 27th July 2015    20th November 2015

Click here for the Core Fund Application Guide

Fast Track Fund

Our Fast Track Fund provides grants of up to £20,000, available to not-for-profit organisations with a community leisure amenity improvement project that has an overall cost of no more than £40,000.

Applicants will find out whether their application has been successful within 60 days of the application deadline date.

We can support projects in any of 100 funding zones around qualifying sites owned by our donor, SITA UK.

To see if your project site is in one of our funding zones please visit our postcode checker.

There are 6 funding rounds each calendar year, forthcoming dates are as follows:

 5pm on 18th August 2014    20th October 2014
 5pm on 13th October 2014    22nd December 2014
 5pm on 15th December 2014    18th February 2015
 5pm on 16th February 2015    17th April 2015
 5pm on 13th April 2015    12th June 2015
 5pm on 15th June 2015    14th August 2015
 5pm on 17th August 2015    16th October 2015 
 5pm on 19th October 2015    18th December 2015

 Click here for the Fast Track Fund Application Guide

Contributing Third Party payment (CTP)

Before SITA Trust can release funding to a supported project we need to receive a payment called the Contributing Third Party payment (CTP). This payment is unique to the Landfill Communities Fund.


Under the Landfill Communities Fund scheme rules, SITA UK (our donor) can contribute some of the landfill tax it collects to SITA Trust, and reclaim most (but not all) as a tax credit. The scheme regulator requires a fee and each successful application also incurs other minor costs.

To make up the shortfall, SITA UK requires that 11.5% of the money provided is recovered from third parties. We call this element the Contributing Third Party (CTP) payment.

Under the rules, Landfill Communities Fund money cannot be used to provide the CTP so it must be raised from other sources. The CTP is paid to SITA UK and not SITA Trust but neither SITA UK nor SITA Trust will benefit financially.

CTP Calculator

To work out the amount of CTP required, please use the calculator below. Please round-up the amount you are applying for to the nearest pound.




How to apply

Full information on the Enhancing Communities Programme can be found in the application guide, please read this guide in full before attempting to apply for funding.

If you are a potential applicant but would like to discuss your particular project prior to submitting an online application, we invite you to give us a call on 01454 262910.

Full applications must be made online using our online application system. Once you’ve registered on this system you can revisit your form as often as you wish before submitting it to the Trust for consideration. We will not see the form until you submit it.

As part of the online application we will ask you to submit supplementary documents.

You will need to complete a
PROJECT BUDGET document which can be uploaded to your application.

When you have read the application guide click here to 

If your project site is not within one of SITA Trust's funding zones

You may wish to see if your project meets the eligibility of another Environmental Body distributing grants through the Landfill Communities Fund. Our scheme regulator ENTRUST may be able to signpost you.

If your project site is in an area governed by Lancashire County Council or Cornwall Council you will need to visit the site of your regional funding body which distributes Landfill Tax collected by SITA UK in that area. Click the name of your area above to be redirected to the correct website.

Many potential applicants find the government's
funding central website a very useful resource.